7 MedTech Suppliers You Should Know - Zeus

Posted in Contract Manufacturing Services by Chris Wiltz on April 15, 2014

7 MedTech Suppliers You Should Know - Zeus


Zeus is a materials science company that is building a better PEEK. The company produces a surface-engineered PEEL tubing that combines the overall strength of PEEK material with the lubricity of fluoropolymers. The company also extrudes a PEEK drawn fiber that eliminates unpredictable heating of catheters under MRI applications and allows biocompatible material to be introduced into the catheter construction. As part of its efforts to demonstrate that it is more than a tubing supplier, the company recently begain its Traveling Z-Team program wherein Zeus scientists and engineers travel to assist OEM costomers with a variety of servies including on-site projects, consultations, and seminars.
Zeus will be exhibiting at  MD&M East 2014


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