7 MedTech Suppliers You Should Know - Scapa Healthcare

Posted in Contract Manufacturing Services by Chris Wiltz on April 15, 2014

   7 MedTech Suppliers You Should Know - Scapa Healthcare

Scapa Healthcare

Last April FDA released its new draft guidance document on biocompatibility – ISO 109993. it's been almost 20 years since a presentation of testing standards for the medical device industry this comprehensive has been released.

As such device makers are looking for new partners to guide and assist them in meeting these expansive regulatory requirements.

Scapa Healthcare provides skin-friendly solutions in the form of biocompatible biomaterials. The company manufacturers performance materials as well as skin-friendly adhesives that can be applied to a variety of substrates and coated. The company offers device makers a complete design and project management service as well as R&D, packaging, and sterilization services.  

Scapa Healthcare will be exhibiting at  MD&M East 2014




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