7 MedTech Suppliers You Should Know - Purple Platypus

Posted in Contract Manufacturing Services by Chris Wiltz on April 15, 2014

  7 MedTech Suppliers You Should Know - Purple Platypus

Purple Platypus

If you haven't considered 3-D printing you frankly haven't been paying attention. The technology has gained wide acceptance for R&D, prototyping, and even manufacturing. Even hospitals are finding 3-D printing to be a great option for saving money and improving quality of care.

Purple Platypus is a distributor and reseller of Stratasys 3-D printers. Stratasys has positioned itself as the company to watch in terms of producing 3-D printers for industrial applications. The Connex 3 printer sold by Purple Platypus is capable of printing products and components in full color in a single run. The company also offers Endur simulated polypropylene which is suitable for 3-D printing flexible living hinges, moving parts, assembled parts, and snap-fit parts such as those used for lids and packaging case applications.


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