7 MedTech Suppliers You Should Know - Flow Waterjet

Posted in Contract Manufacturing Services by Chris Wiltz on April 15, 2014

 7 MedTech Suppliers You Should Know - Flow Waterjet

 Flow Waterjet

Waterjet machining is a growing viable and versatile alternative to CNC and laser machining. Waterjet can process a variety fo materials include metals, composites, plastics, and ceramics on the macro and micro scale and can even be used to create custom sizes – as may be demanded with orthopedics or prosthetics. Medical facilities might someday use on-site waterjet manufacturing equipment to produce specialized orthopedic devices on the spot.

Flow invented the abrasive waterjet in 1979 and, today, offers the Dynamic XD, the first full 3-D cutting head combined with taper control. The company's Mach 2 series of waterjet cutting machines are designed to fit the needs of manufacturers of all sizes.



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