5 Startups Poised to Change MedTech Forever (MC10)

Posted in Electronic Components by Arundhati Parmar on January 24, 2014




Technologies adapted from a different industry have the ability to stretch the capability of any given sector. And that seems to be the case with MC10.


The Cambridge, Massachusetts company makes flexible, stretchable electronics with the goal of transforming traditionally rigid devices into something easily wearable and in some case virtually invisible. The idea is to make the electronics as supple as the human body by divorcing them from their traditonal, rigid form.

The company is developing consumer, digital health and medical device applications of its platform technology. In the medtech world, MC10 is attempting to give a high-tech makeover to the humble interventional catheter. The company is fitting sensors at the tip of catheters that can measure everything from temperature to electrophysiological data. Used in conjunction with RF electrodes, they can also ablate tissue. The same technology can be applied to balloons and meshes. It goes without saying that these thin sensors and implantable devices can also communicate with wireless mobile devices.

Recognizing how revolutionary the company's technology could be to the world of medtech, Medtronic, the world's foremost device maker, invested in a $10 million funding round back in December 2012. Here is a video of the world of implantable cardiac devies reimagined by MC10:




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