5 Healthcare CEOs Who Tweet Well But Differently (#4)

Posted in Mobile Health by Arundhati Parmar on March 24, 2014


It's pretty clear that Ulman is a rockstar in the world of healthcare CEOs tweeting. Just look at those stats. As CEO of a nonprofit foundation that helps people living with cancer and survivors, Ulman has built his twitter muscle by harnessing the strength of that community.

His tweets involve fundraising for the organization, engaging community members with tweets mentioing their twitter handles, as well as promoting an innovation competition that can change the way the world fights cancer.  

 Having survived three cancers, Ulman pays tribute to fellow survivors and celebrates life with them even as he remembers those who weren't so lucky. 

 Ulman is all about building and engaing the cancer community through his Twitter presence, and doesn't concern himself much about the cost issues that abound in healthcare. He is all about helping the person living with cancer through the diagnosis to managing the disease, as well as celebrating lives of those who beat the disease. 




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