2017 Medical Design Excellence Awards Winners: Testing and Diagnostic Products and Systems

Posted in Design Services by Jamie Hartford on June 13, 2017

Testing and Diagnostic Products and Systems




















SAMBA is a diagnostic tool for monitoring HIV treatment efficacy and early infant diagnosis for patients in resource-poor settings where the burden of HIV is greatest. It is an accurate “sample in, result out” system enabling patients to receive same-day results and treatment at remote clinics.

Manufacturer: Diagnostics for the Real World Ltd.

Design and Supply Credits: K L Giddings, Barric, Racer, Complete Fabrications, Ide Pro

Entered By: Diagnostics for the Real World Ltd.
















The ePlex system is a sample-to-answer instrument designed to perform multiplex molecular testing for infectious disease diagnostic in high-risk patients. Physicians can quickly and effectively identify bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, as well as antibiotic resistance markers to aid in determining the appropriate treatment.

Manufacturer: GenMark Diagnostics Inc.

Design and Supply Credits: Key Tech, Bresslergroup, Wi, RND Group, Plexus

Entered By: GenMark Diagnostics Inc.












FreeStyle Libre

The FreeStyle Libre system measures glucose for people with diabetes, removing the need for routine finger pricking.

Manufacturer: Abbott Laboratories

Design and Supply Credits:

Entered By: Abbott Laboratories


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