2015 Medtech Company of the Year Finalists: HealthSpot

Posted in Medical Device Business by mthibault on October 5, 2015


HealthSpot has developed the primary care physician’s office of the future. The Dublin, OH-based company’s kiosks combine medical devices and telehealth to provide a walk-in clinic where patients can quickly be evaluated for common conditions such as earaches, pinkeye, allergies, and the flu—no appointment necessary. Staffed by a medical attendant, HealthSpot stations use high-definition videoconferencing to connect patients with board-certified healthcare providers and include devices such as blood pressure cuffs, thermometers, stethoscopes, and otoscopes used for evaluations.

In August, the company announced it plans to add Samsung’s LABGEO PT10 clinical chemistry analyzer, which will enable analysis of patients’ blood for cholesterol, diabetes, and liver function in just seven minutes. The device is currently pending FDA approval. Patients leave HealthSpot stations with a diagnosis and can even have their medications e-prescribed to their pharmacy. A software upgrade unveiled in May enables HealthSpot’s systems to integrate with patients’ electronic medical records and interface with insurance claims.

In July, drugstore chain Rite Aid announced the opening of 25 HealthSpot stations inside stores in Ohio.



[Image courtesy of HEALTHSPOT]


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