2013 Medical Device Manufacturer of the Year Finalists

Posted in Medical Device Business by MDDI Staff on September 26, 2013

Check out the 10 finalists for MD+DI's 2013 Medical Device Manufacturer of the Year and vote for the one you think deserves the title. 


Each year, MD+DI recognizes one or more medical device companies that have risen above the crowd to advance medical device manufacturing. In looking at the field this year, we realized that the firms influencing the medical device business the most come from both within and outside the industry.

Some of our 10 finalists for the 2013 Medical Device Manufacturer of the Year are traditional device companies making waves with novel products and innovative business strategies; others are outsiders that are pushing boundaries by changing the definition of medical device manufacturing. We believe all of them are helping to evolve the industry.

MD+DI’s editors will announce our choice for Manufacturer of the Year in November, but this year—for the first time ever—we’re also giving our readers the opportunity to weigh in. Read our picks in the following slideshow and cast your vote at the end.

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