15 Agents of Change in Medtech

Posted in Medical Device Business by Jamie Hartford on May 28, 2014

These people, companies, organizations, and concepts are shaping the future of medtech. 

The medical device industry these days is in a constant state of flux. Evolving markets, technologies, regulations, and healthcare needs mean the medtech business looks very different today than it did even a decade ago, and the landscape will likely alter even more just a few short years from now. To be successful, companies, too, will need to evolve.

We took a look at what is spurring that evolution. The people, companies, organizations, and concepts listed here are forcing medtech players to rethink business as usual and come out of their comfort zones. These agents of change are already shaping the future of the medical device industry, and their influence is likely to grow even stronger.


  No. 15
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[image courtesy of DAVID CASTILLO DOMINICI]

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