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Posted by mddiadmin on July 1, 2008
This year's featured leaders illustrate medtech's ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing business environment.


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Bringing innovative medical technologies to market typically requires the coordinated activity of many extramural suppliers and designers. The winning medical device companies in the annual Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) competition often owe much of their success to the suppliers and designers who expertly assisted them along their development path.

MDEA suppoier honors involve companies with a wide range of specialities, including design firms, materials suppliers, component manufacturers, and consulting firms. But whatever their area of expertise, these firms play a vital role in enabling medical device manufacturers to produce award-winning products. In keeping with the global scope of the medical device industry, six of the 2008 supplier companies are from outside the United States, representing Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom (2).

MDEA suppliers earn the exclusive right to use the designations "2008 MDEA Supplier" or "Supplier to a 2008 MDEA Winner," and to display the special MDEA supplier logo in their promotional materials and exhibit booths. For more information about winning suppliers, visit the awards Web site at

Suppliers to 2008 MDEA-winning products pose after the presentation cermony at the Medical Design & Manufacturing East 2008 Conference and Exposition, in New York City (front row, from left): Marco Perry, principal, Pensa Strategic Product Design (Brooklyn, NY); Daniel A. Kramer, PhD, director, office of program management, Battelle Medical Device Solutions (Columbus, OH); Barry H. Beith, Phd< CEO and CTO, HumanCentric (Cary, NC); Frank Jankoski, director of technical services, Micro Medical Technologies (Somerset, NJ); Diane Thurlow, product development engineer, Micro Medical Technologies (Somerset, NJ); Shawn McNary, operations manager, Micro Star Innovations, Micro Medical Technologies (Somerset, NJ); Thomas M. Allen, marketing and sales manager, Tricor Systems Inc. (Elgin, IL); Don Lamond, development partner, Habitech Design and Development Works LLC (Haworth, NJ); Erika Gipson, director, innovation and business strategy, Metaphase Design Group Inc. (St. Louis, MO); Andy Hu, president, Globe Medical Tech Inc. (Houston, TX);(back row, from left): James Best, principal, Pensa Strategic Product Design (Brooklyn, NY); Michael Cseh, chief engineer, Baird Industries (Hohokus, NJ); Anthony Luciano, president, Thermoforming Process Products Inc. (Exton, PA); Steve Meister, vice president, Big Bang (Decatur, GA); Bill Welch, vice president of sales and engineering, Phillips Plastics Corp. (Menomonie, WI); Mark Rosen, principal, Corex Design Group Inc. (Glen Rock, NJ); Chris Brooks, development partner, Habitech Design and Development Works LLC (Haworth, NJ); Sean M. MacLeod, president, Stratos Product Development LLC (Seattle, WA); Daniel Adlon, vice president of strategic business development, Integrated BioSciences Inc. (Lewisberry, PA).

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