About MX: Medtech Executive

MX offers an editorial package designed exclusively for top-level executives via its monthly e-newsletter MX: MedTech Executive, its online-exclusive material, and its Executive Webcast Series. Articles are devoted to market analyses for medical technologies and essential strategies for business planning to meet the needs of the global marketplace. Areas of coverage include:

Executive Interviews: Articles about and interviews with the movers and shakers in medical technology, offering insights that no competitor can dare to ignore.

Market Analysis: In-depth analyses of current and future market trends, written by experts in medical technologies, and backed by Canon's two decades of experience as an information provider to the medical device industry.

Finance: Up-to-date information on trends in medical technology financing, with expert articles on how executives can make the best financial decisions for their companies and investors.

Business Planning and Development: Indispensable information that medical technology executives need to deal with day-to-day business decisions, with topics ranging from how to build a company from the ground up to business topics for multinational executives—and everything in between.

Regulations and Legal Affairs : An executive's eye view of the big picture for regulated industry, with articles on key issues developing at FDA and on critical legal issues related to medical technologies.

Information Technologies: Approaches for company survival in the information age, with probing articles on the use of information technologies in company management, product development, manufacturing, human resources, and more.

Advertising, Distribution, and Sales: Strategies that executives need to know for competing in the healthcare marketplace and getting the most out of their products.